Sport Infrastructure India

As India is currently undergoing a tremendous transformation, its demands are changing. The growing population and the rising middle class entail opportunities that are huge, but so too are the challenges. India recognizes the central role that sports can play in this development. Sport can teach children how to work together, and can be a crucial factor in their well-being both psychologically as well as physically. Sport can bring people together. Successful sport events can even shape the memories of a people.

In order to meet the increasing demands of this changing scenario, the Indian Government has taken it upon itself to implement programs to promote sports. It provides youth with equipment, and it provides events with the required infrastructure and management. A few important steps to enlarge India’s footprint in the international world of sports.

The Netherlands is well placed to cooperate with India in its transformation. Dutch technologies have a proven track record, and the Netherlands has an excellent reputation in sports. It organized famous sport events, but also participated in constructing stadiums and related infrastructure projects for events like the European Championships Soccer in Poland and Ukraine, World Cup soccer in South Africa and the Olympic Games in London. Together with international partners, the Dutch industry offers its expertise in innovative and sustainable solutions where leisure comes together with commercial interest, culture and sport to achieve mutual benefits.