VML Technologies

VML Technologies
Versterstraat 5
5262 AC Vught
T: +31 (0)40 787 7340
I: http://www.vml-technologies.com/

VML-Technologies has roots in some of the worlds most impressive LED projects

Driven by the growing demand for non-standard products, and the creative challenges of maximizing the benefits and opportunities of LED technology in architecture and lighting design, VML-Technologies focuses on providing “custom solutions” for LED based, high-end, outdoor, bespoke media facades and “creative lighting” installations, based on the proven Lattice technology platform.   In close cooperation with clients, architects, video and lighting designers and construction engineers, ideas and concepts are translated into high quality LED based products and installations. VML-Technologies products are sold, installed and maintained by our network of qualified partners.   VML-Technologies was founded in 2008. The founders have been involved in the LED displays and creative lighting market since the early nineties, during which time they have amassed an invaluable amount of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of LED display and Media Façade projects. The founders have their roots in business management and consultancy projects for LED technology companies such as Philips Electronics, Nichia, HP, Cree in addition to working on hundreds of projects worldwide including for example the O2 Arena in London UK, the 2006 FIFA “fanfest” event, the CNN Center in Atlanta USA, the Taipei Arena in Taiwan and the Vienna Stadium in Austria.   We support our clients via a network of qualified partners.


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