VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism

VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism
Helga Lasschuijt
Hoogte Kadijk 143
1018 BH Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)20 622 8210

VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism is a well-known innovative Dutch design office for sustainable, integrated, and smart architecture, urban development and infrastructure. The office has an international portfolio of designs, research and consultancy projects and is recognized with numerous publications, awards and exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.

VenhoevenCS has extensive knowledge and experience in designing sports buildings and areas. We consider it important to contribute to a healthy city, where it’s attractive for the inhabitants to play sports, exercise and socialize. A sports building should therefore be part of the urban fabric so people are encouraged to participate in sporting activities.

We design various types of sports buildings, from international competition pools to small neighborhood sports centers; sometimes as an integrated part of a larger plan or recreation area, or sometimes as a pilot project for a redevelopment district. But always as a social condenser.
Because sports are not only a goal in itself, it  has an important social function in society. A sports complex is a means of promoting social cohesion and social participation. It provides contact between people from different neighboring communities. Sports improves social contacts between local residents and young people and promote health, self-control and social skills. While society outside the building may be divided into different groups living alongside each other, inside the building we strive to bring people together in relaxed, informal ways.

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