Haarspit 3
1724BG, Oudkarspel
T: +31 226 333 000

Variopool is a leading company which is specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads. A movable floor or bulkhead increases the flexibility and functionality of any competition, hydrotherapy, public or private pool as it allows one single pool tank to accommodate several activities simultaneously or at varying depths. Variopool has almost a half century of experience since installing its very first floating floor in 1968. Our reference list includes over 700 installed pool floors and bulkheads found globally in some of the world’s most famous aquatic centres and pool accommodations. Even at Olympics we are present.

Variopool is accustomed to working together with demanding clients looking for the best possible product complying to designated specifications. Quality is very important to us and we are tested by Lloyd’s. For more information about our products check

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