GP smart stadium

GP smart stadium
Hans Vogels
De Scheper 312
T: +31 (0) 499 - 365 700

GP smart stadium is an independent company offering business development, sales, marketing and consultancy services for sports stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues all over the world.

Improving performance, experience and revenue                                                                 

By implementing a multidisciplinary approach incorporating strategic, marketing, organizational and operational elements, combined with a broad knowledge base and network within the High Tech industry, GP smart stadium offers its partners and clients/users the necessary tools to jointly and successfully realize a higher business revenue within all kinds of sports venues globally.

Bringing together knowledge, experience and technology for creating an optimal sports & entertainment environment                                                                                                                    Our mission is to facilitate our partners in jointly creating turnkey solutions for stadiums which become profitable for all partners and investors. By combining traditional stadium design with the newest technologies, we create ‘the future-proof stadium experience of a lifetime’!

Attractive, Interactive & Intelligent – accelerating joint successes in international Sports and Business!

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