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Video analysis has become a valuable instrument in professional sports. It enables coaches to analyse team performance, improve tactics and explain situations more clearly. An important technology — but also one with limitations.
Currently, a lot of time and effort go into the logistics of making recordings, downloading data and selecting scenes. Valuable time and effort that would be better spent analyzing or giving feedback. This is where Game On kicks in.

Game On’s sophisticated software takes care of recording, streaming and everything else needed to make video technology easy to work with. Our special cameras and smart software stream full resolution camera footage directly to portable devices.
All you have to do is connect your device and you are ready to go. And what’s best: there is no staff involved, allowing coaches and video analysts to focus on what they do best — improving the team’s performance.

Game On features on of the most advanced video player apps in the world. Designed for the iPad and iPhone, the Game On app allows live replaying, easy seeking, frame-by-frame scrubbing, zooming, drawing, switching between cameras and slowmotion replaying. With the Game On app, you have all the video tools right in your hands.

Our mission
Our purpose is to provide athletes, coaches and sports organisations with the most advanced and easy-to-use video technology through our continuous focus on innovation and our passion for sports and technologies.
Game On wants to be a leading innovator in video technology for sports, enabling youth players, athletes and coaches to improve their game with products that are fact-based, sophisticated, easy-to-use and unrivalled in quality.

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