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Dotcomsport supports football organisations with user friendly software; Player Development System Dotcomclub

Through years of experience working with clients in the football market (both amateur and professional level), Dotcomclub is able to support all branches of your football organisation.

With Dotcomclub you will guarantee the continuity of your academy and no longer be susceptible to the loss of important technical information.

The player development system serves as a stable platform within the football organisation.

Dotcomclub makes creating and organising teams, communicating with players and coaches, preparing training sessions digitally, and creating match evaluations and analysis simple and easy to execute.

Every role within the club has its own section in the application which provides them with information relevant for their job.

The benefits for your football organisation

  • Standardized platform with the right information for all functions within the football organisation.
  • Easily accessible (web-based) in a secure environment.
  • Easy to use. Can be accessed from your PC, tablet and smartphone. Match and training registration is quick and efficient.
  • Library containing drills and exercises uploaded by the organisation itself.
  • Monitor the entire development of the players, teams and coaches.
  • Preparation, analysis, statistics, reviews and scouting information is digitally available in an array of various charts.
  • The application is flexible and adjustable, and does not force you to work in a certain matter.
  • Uploading and sharing video’s and files is easy.
  • Scout players from other clubs and manage them in the scouting section of the application
  • Video analysts can upload videos and tag entire matches for both players and the entire team.
  • Create custom player evaluations forms for each individual team.

The player development system offers you all of the above and more!

Our mission:

We strive to develop meaningful software which can be applied directly to the sports industry.
Our users are the core of our company and we encourage them to envision the future development of our application.

Through working together with experts on the sports field, we have created unique and user friendly solutions for your sports organisation.

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