Aquatic Centre of the Future

Aquatic center of the future

Currently, most public swimming pool facilities can operate only when provided with strong government subsidies and extensive public investment, while their social and community value is usually limited. Most indoor pools and gymnasiums welcome only sparse amounts of visitors during the day. In summer, they are virtually empty, while personnel, maintenance, and energy costs remain. Dutch Sports Infrastructure presents ‘the Aquatic Center of the Future’, a concept developed by a Dutch group of experts in Aquatic Centers. The Aquatic Centers Group of DSI provides you with the technology and design you need to create the Aquatic Center of the Future.

There are several ways to strongly increase the social value of swimming pools, while significantly reducing their costs. By combining facilities, space can be used in a more effective way, so that less square meters can provide the same service, and more! A large step to reach this goal, would be taken by turning monofunctional into multifunctional spaces, and adding energy efficient and sustainable solutions that will reduce the total cost of ownership. In this way, visitor flows, staffing and operational costs are optimized.

Especially at urban locations, a multi-purpose aquatic center will increase social value. By clustering facilities aimed at various social groups in one Aquatic Center of the Future, social cohesion is strengthened. This Aquatic Center will be a place where people feel safe and comfortable, and where they can unwind mentally, physically, and socially. Additionally, the quality and vivacity of the public space will increase significantly through the innovatively designed building.

The Aquatic Center of the Future is a multifunctional center which optimizes operations and adds social value in your urban area. By cleverly combining the key swimming pool elements with, for example, after-school care, cultural activities, entertainment, wellness, fitness, health, hospitality and events during off peak hours, you will acquire the Aquatic Center of the Future!

Hermeta is the number one company to provide any swimming facility with future orientated and future resistant changing cubicles, toilet partitions, lockers, bench seating and coat racks, whether it is a large leisure park or a small ‘simply swimming’ pool. With Hermeta’s products, you will achieve a safe and enjoyable visitors experience in your aquatic center. Our goal: “Happy people, beautiful products!”


Bright Buildings creates transparent Open Sky sliding roofs, which can be opened to 50% of their total area, enable you to admit daylight and fresh air into your building.  For swimming pools and water parks that are dependent on fine weather, our transparent  structure may make all the difference between a disappointing season and a top season. Open up your business with Bright Buildings’ Open Sky roofs.


Bosch is leading manufacturer of security technology and is global market leader of energy-efficient heating products and hot-water solutions. Not only can Bosch provide many of these technologies and services in the Aquatic Center of the Future, but we can also create high level connectivity between them. Our objective: to develop innovative, useful, and exciting products and solutions to enhance quality of life.


EVA Optic is the expert when it comes to LED lighting for swimming pools. We have developed a complete LED lighting range for illuminating all areas of an aquatic center, both above and under water. Linear lighting, spotlights, downlights, pendants and underwater lights; white or RGBW multicolored. The EVA Aqua HE product line is designed to durably withstand a pool’s harsh environment. With more than enough lighting power to illuminate any pool, even up to Olympic levels!


Lotec specializes in engineering, installing en servicing filters, pumps and chemical dosing systems for public swimming pools, to create the optimal water conditions for any imaginable swimming pool. Moreover, Lotec provides you with a large variety of water related products and services, such as wavemachines suited for various purposes; techniques to create a therapeutic pool to take care of professional athletes or the (temporarily) disabled; and various possibilities for private swimming pools.


Variopool  is specialized in movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads, which increase the flexibility and multifunctionality of any swimming pool. Variopool installed over 700 movable pool floors and bulkheads found globally in some of the world’s most famous aquatic centers and pool accommodations. Aqua Gym, toddler swimming, water football or just swimming tracks. Everything is possible in the same swimming pool with the movable floor installations of Variopool!



VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism has extensive experience and knowledge in designing for sports and leisure; from international competition pools to small neighborhood sports centers. All designed as a part of the urban fabric, to make them social condensers that promote health, self-esteem, life skills, social cohesion, and social participation. Our compact aquatic centers have a significant added value: a smart combination of facilities, which brings people together and ensures a highly efficient exploitation.


WaterVision is specialised in developing LED lighting for Aquatic Centres. Lighting plans are drawn up in collaboration with architects, and the lighting composition is tailored specifically to the ambience envisaged by these architects. The adjusted light reflects on the materials applied and is directed towards the intended surfaces with great precision. Together, we ensure that the created environment makes visitors feel comfortable and safe, both day and night.


Tata Steel is Europe’s second largest steel producer, with 50 years of experience in providing pre-finished steel for a large variety of buildings, including swimming pools, inside and outside. It is the first pre-finished steel producer that excelled in responsible sourcing (BES 6001). With a façade made by Tata Steel, you ensure unbeatable cutting edge performance and durability with a long lasting esthetic quality.